Pounding us for the better?

THE ACADEMIC YEAR started a good one -and this can be attested by many. It wasn’t just because of the new vendo machines, or the additional electric fans in the gymnasium but mainly because of the schedule that which made everyone thankful that SPCP would dismiss its students at 3:10 P.M. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (for the lower batches). On the other hand, classes were to end at 4:00 P.M. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (for Seniors). 

First week and effects of the easygoing schedule showed off. Students, upon leaving the campus, would always get stranded. Apparently, the dismissal time of the High School department coincided with the Grade School and Pre-School students. 

And so, two weeks after the year began, a new schedule for the High School department was implemented –On Mondays, they are set to be dismissed at 3:45. On Tuesdays, at 4:15, On Wednesdays, we get 1 hour per subject and dismissal at 4:00, On Thursdays, 3:45 then on Fridays, 1 hour per subject again, dismissal at 3:55 for the lower batches, then 4:55 for the Seniors. 

At first, an outcry was heard. How were we to survive the long and tiring schedule? Moreover, that the Seniors were to leave at 4:55 every Friday for their Community Development and at that time, not much jeepneys would pass at La Huerta. 

I myself had to admit that the first schedule was better; for at that time, I only thought of the things I could do with the early dismissals. I could have a lot of time to meet with my Editors, or Photojournalists or bond with my friends. But weeks later I started to realize the point of the institution. That they had changed the schedule due to the traffic scenario when leaving the campus, and also to allot for time for our subjects.

Although many would disagree, I like the thought of having many things to study. It shows that the institution is trying their best to provide quality education. I reckon my sister telling me one time that during their time in SPCP, they even used to have double Mathematics period. Somehow, I don’t think I can survive with that. But they did, so that means I could have.

This process of pounding the nail even harder, is, I believe for the better.  I have reminded myself that this is High School, not elementary anymore and that sooner or later when I step into college, a 4 P.M. dismissal is even an early one. That if I want it best, I have to strive to make it best. I have reminded myself to endure, endure and endure all the way, for my parents and I have agreed to put our trust in the institution of which I am now, and that we trust them to fulfill their vision and mission of producing academically competent graduates.

I have only the remaining 8 months to make all of this worthwhile. So I might as well savor the moment; every second of it. Because once I’m out, I will only have myself indebted to SPCP for pounding not only me, but us for the better. 


Commuting Etiquettes

No, I am, first and foremost, not a college student or someone who is working. I have not experienced trying to fight for a bus seat or a spot on a UV Express like some may fight for food. But for someone’s who’s always observing, though sometimes asleep when commuting, I always notice things —of which are sadly, rude and disrespectful.

Ofcourse it is an unending battle, that when the rooster goes cock-a-doodle-do and the sun welcomes us to a new day, most of us would probably struggle to make it on time, be it on our way to school, work or pretty much other endeavors of which we attempt to make for the betterment of our lives.

Though most people don’t say it but notice it, (maybe because it’s needless to do so) the Metropolis’ traffic system is flawed. We have signs that says ‘BAWAL ANG BUMABA/MAGBABA DITO’ and yet it has become a make shift terminal for jeepneys and a waiting shed were even erected. A motorcycle lane was designated and yet these motors continue to hit the road like daredevils. Walking on sidewalks, I notice that fewer people walk and most are in their vehicles. For so long, we have been stuck in the mentality that a city with more cars is a highly urbanized one. Yet it isn’t. A city is known as a prosperous one when even the rich rides on mass transportations.

And even though the Government is doing its best to control and regulate the worsening dilemma of the country, (new LRT bagons by 2015 as reports say) there are just some things commuters can do to make commuting a good thing to do.

Here’s Commuting Etiquettes 101:

1. Blessed are the gentlemen who gives the spot to a lady, be it the young or the aged..

Pag sa Jeep/FX, pa-sandalin mo nalang, pare. Do it not because you’re trying to impress, do it out of good will. Being a gentleman is a matter of choice; a lifestyle.

2. When paying the fare, say a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘salamat.’

It does not hurt anyone and by saying the simple word, we express gratitude for little nice things. They matter to, you know. And besides! We’re Pinoys, known to be a nation, a race of kind hearts. So the next time you say “Manong, bayad po” and someone takes the money to give it to the driver, say “Salamat”. It won’t hurt.

3. ‘Textmoso

Not really sure where I overheard the word, but I’m sure most of us experienced being the ‘textmoso’ itself (Uy, aminin) and being looked at the phone by a curious co-passenger. It’s a matter of privacy, and one oughts to give it to the other. Even when riding mass transpo, privacy is still entitled to everyone. Do not be the ‘textmoso’. When seated beside an attractive passenger, I guess it’s fine to glance don’t give them the creepy look.

4. Do not be the Monica [on The Legal Wife] where goes with the famous line, “Walang sa’yo Nicole!”

Let’s face it, more people tend to ride a bus or an FX because of the prickling heat, and while their reason to pay such amount of money is to get a portion of the air an air conditioner gives. Share the aircon and think of the others, too. After all, they’re not Nicole —mayroon kang aircon, at the same time, the other passengers should have, too.

5. If you are the Driver, please be a good one.

Don’t we all want good drivers? And by good, I mean one who drives safely, follow traffic rules, maintains good care of his vehicle (minsan, wala nang binubugang hangin sa FX. Masikip and mainit? Come on) and besides, your passengers would want to reach safely to their destinations instead of being involved in a car accident.

6. If you are the Passenger, most probably you are, don’t get mad if the driver does not drop you off at the exact place where you say ‘Para’.

Most of the time, drivers say ‘tatabi lang po’ or its either it’s a No Unloading zone. Please do not be the reason why they have to break traffic rules. It becomes so much of a challenge to follow such these days. Onting onti nalang ang gumagawa.

7. Cross on designated ‘Tawiran’ or Pedestrian lanes/Overpass.

I don’t think there’s a need for such to be explained further. Just you know, be cool and cross the road on pedestrian lanes or overpasses. Remember, it was your tax and it will always be your tax they used for to construct those. Ofcourse we don’t want our tax to go in vain, don’t we? (Well, somehow it did when PDAF Scam)

8. Yosi pa!

Common scenario: You ride a jeepney, war bus and then poof—suddenly someone brings out a lighter, lights a cigarette and smokes all throughout his travel. While we understand that some people need it to calm their nerves, please do not slowly kill us by making us inhale all the second hand smoke. Do it on some other place, somewhere only you will be affected, somewhere only your lungs will be damaged.

9. Not everyone’s having a great day, not even a good one.

Understand that some may not be able to follow these, maybe because something wrong’s going on in their lives. You may never know. Best you can do is set an example to yourself. Especially the youth, nako. When the youth does the good, the older ones are encouraged to do so too (nahihiya).

And that’s it! If we all strive to be good passengers/commuters, there will be order around the environment. These 9 are the etiquettes I try to live by. If you have yours then that’s great too. Though we may differ, we share the same thing, and that is to do good. Stop whining that drivers or motorists aren’t doing their part, what matters is that you do yours. Because by then, by these simplest of acts, can we prove that we are good citizens who are united by one goal —to shape the country to become a greater nation, yes, greater than how it is today.

What a writer needs

They say a man who has felt the hunger can be the only one who can understand the hungry.

Same goes for those who have been given the ability to portray messages through the power of the paper and the pen. Just as the sword needs sharpening, so does the writer with experience.

Above all, a writer needs a heartbreak. If possible, heartbreaks. One needs to know the darkness to be able to describe how it feels like being in the dark, worse, what it feels like being the darkness itself. A battle against one’s self, a challenge to conquer the demon that lives within.

It is the job of a writer –to explore new heights, articulate such thoughts, and tell the story. Whether it is good or bad, to a writer, it’s something to write about; it’s something to tell.

A writer needs to feel things, gets his heart broken, conquer himself because at the end of the day, the writer will need to have the nail pounded by the hammer to himself. It is, after all, for his betterment. It is, after all, for the story he tells.

Annel @ 15 :-)

This will be a first for 2014.

(February 28, 2014) Sorry if I wasn’t at School today to greet you personally and stuff. Happy happy birthday Annel! I wish you all the best. Thank you for everything. Literally for everything. For the times na nag-uusap tayo na parang all the time na naman ata haha and ‘yun, sa lahat ng words mo. Sige pati na din sa mga kurot/sakitan natin pati na din yung kame-hame wave natin. Thanks for everything. Really lucky to have you as one of my best friends; the ones who actually stayed despite of this flawed human being. Sorry if at times marami akong pagkukulang. Like, for example, nung nag-McDo ka ng mag-isa because I woke up late na hindi na naman kataka-taka.

Lucky to have someone na at one look, nakakapag-communicate tayo with all our puns/hirits/banats haha! You’ve done so much for Kevin and I, and for this day and for the days to come, you sure deserve to be happy. That sublime feeling where makakalimutan mo lahat ng problems mo for the moment, na itatawa mo ng sobra yung tawa mo’ng sobrang nakakahawa. I hope you know na whatever you do, pagkakamali ‘man yano ano, we still appreciate and love you no matter what haha.

Lucky to have you because you’re a Beatlemaniac. Onting onti nalang tayong nagkakaintindihan about The Beatles and I can see na magaling talaga ‘to si Lord kasi ikaw pa ‘tong naging Beatlemaniac hahaha na-sakto pa na super close pa natin.

Anyway dami ko na atang nasabi. Happy Birthday again, Annel! I hope you had or you’re still having a greaaaaat one. God bless!

Love Always,

p.s. Happy Birthday din daw sabi ni Direk, pero may show pa din tayo sa CTL.

“The only premi…

rh“The only premise is we are not telling you how many children you should have, but we are reminding you na when you have a child, you have to clothe, shelter, feed and so many things that you have to prepare for this child. Give them that opportunity, give them that chance and you can’t do that it’s ‘bahala na’”

-President Aquino on the controversial Reproductive Health Law


Past few weeks had been devastating and sort of great too.

  • Speech Choir: I joined not because of the exemption in the performance task in English but because I don’t want to graduate High School without joining in any speech choir competitions. Haha, when I was asked to join by my English teacher, I said yes quickly and unreservedly. But all the practice tires me out, but somehow I know the hard work will pay off.
  • Tutor: I don’t know if many people know about it already but yup, i got a tutor in Math because ((just check my previous post)). I actually feel a little shamed about it; makes me feel really weak and vulnerable but I remember that it’s not bad to seek the help you really need. Especially Junior year, where as they say, is very crucial because universities will look on them more.
  • PL: I was so glad Ms. Ubas made me an admin of The Paulinian Link’s facebook page! Can update photos and other information of some sort. I’ve been targeting this really for a long time. I hope we get a twitter account soon since sadly, the School’s twitter account’s not really that updated and only posts suspension of classes. And i think that’s where PL should come in, since it’s the news organization of the school and we’re mandated to disseminate information. Haha okay i’ve said too much.


What it feels like to fail

What does it feel like to fail? I guess everyone’s got their own stories of failure, but not everyone can put them into words. Luckily i can so i’ll just write it down.

What does it feel like to fail?

Worse than a heartbreak, than hunger, than any physical injury. It’s that moment where you felt like your heart just fell, stepped on and thrown away. I’ve had failures –many of it actually. Where i never expected i’d have so many.

A lot of people may say it’ll pass but it won’t, i don’t think it will.

I’m tired, all drained and worn out. Unmotivated too. I just want to stop studying and whoever will say other kids don’t get the chance to study, well, they can have my chance. Because i’m done. This failure feels like a gunshot, right in the heart. It’s that failure where it makes you think of all the things you failed to get, the people you failed to win over, arguments you lost, or scores you failed to save.

I actually hate myself for causing inconvenience to people. To my family & my friends, who, from the start, had been there for me. They kept telling me that i can do it, that they believe in me, that i should move on and stuff. But the things is, contrary to what most of those who know me believe, i take time to move on from things. And when i say time, i mean a lot. But i thank and appreciate these people because without them, life is nothing. Nothing.

What does it feel like to fail?

Exhausting. All the nights you spent trying, yet you fail to even raise your grades to a single point. God, nothing feels worse. I don’t know if some people take me personally that’s why my grades were like this or what. I’m not blaming anyway.

What does it feel like to fail?

It makes you hate yourself. It makes your inner demons grow and take over all the good that’s left in you. It exhausts you from all the thinking, and sinks you even more.

I have so many things to do and the thing is i always take responsibility because i fear that things might fail if i don’t do anything. I feel like quitting as the President of the Class and as Associate Editor because, like many people say, ‘lagi nalang ikaw gumagawa’.

I even feel like quitting School. Because all of it tires me out. I don’t know.

What does it feel like to fail?

It makes you think you don’t know anything. That’s it.

Indios, We Remain the Indios

Centuries have passed
Since Mother Spain has left
Las Islas Filipinas
And yet –at some point
Indios, we remain the Indios!

And how can we say
That Indios we remain today?
It is reflected on how we put people
In the Chambers of Senado and Kamara
And no other than, in the Palace of Malacañan

Indios, we remain the Indios
For many of the futures of our Great Nation
Has thought of nothing
But of infatuation, of vices
Have they thought of education?
Why, such a waste for this people to remain the Indios!

The common Filipino
Should not consider himself the Indio
If, be it big or little, he helps his Motherland
To prosper, to grow, to triumph
If he does not do anyone wrong
More than that, he gives love to his dear countrymen

On the other part
A Filipino remains an Indio
If he has done nothing but to degrade the Nation
When he plunders the money of the common Filipino
If he chooses to dwell into ignorance and apathy
And chooses not to learn and to sink in to idiocy.

And so dear reader
Prove to me and to the World
That you do not remain, the pitiful Indio
Get up and help the Nation
Leave thy selfish ways and do what you can
Not only so you may have a say
Alas, my dear Filipinos, do we indeed, remain the Indios?