The great expectation

It sucks –having to be the person who’s main task is to be always objective. I’ve no time for emotional breakdowns, nor even cross the thought of having one. I’m expected to be the stronger person; someone who’s supposed to get the job done. And when they say ‘to get the job done,’ it means […]

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The Story of Creation

The tale takes place in an institution adjacent to the Bishopric, the Town hall, the local market, and the fire station. This story of Creation does not take place in the Garden of Eden nor is it guarded by the Angels but rather in a cradle of excellence, where discipline is strongly regarded and observed —as it […]

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Pounding us for the better?

THE ACADEMIC YEAR started a good one -and this can be attested by many. It wasn’t just because of the new vendo machines, or the additional electric fans in the gymnasium but mainly because of the schedule that which made everyone thankful that SPCP would dismiss its students at 3:10 P.M. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday […]

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Commuting Etiquettes

No, I am, first and foremost, not a college student or someone who is working. I have not experienced trying to fight for a bus seat or a spot on a UV Express like some may fight for food. But for someone’s who’s always observing, though sometimes asleep when commuting, I always notice things —of […]

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What a writer needs

They say a man who has felt the hunger can be the only one who can understand the hungry. Same goes for those who have been given the ability to portray messages through the power of the paper and the pen. Just as the sword needs sharpening, so does the writer with experience. Above all, […]

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