First it was the government, now the Church!?


When I was donating money for the Church, I thought it would go to the people of the parish. Then this? How could’ve this happened? At first, I said: “It’s fine, it’s just donations anyway. They can get some anytime.” But when I read the whole story, I was shocked. This isn’t just a small amount of money. We’re talking about millions here. Millions of donations from Paranaque parishoners. The fact that the Church clearly opposes the plunderers in our government, when they themselves, do it too. How ironic. With this, how can we still trust our Church? When they, who proclaim the Word of God, does not even abide His laws? What now? Is it all about hypocrisy today?

I don’t know with the Church today. It’s sounds like it’s been going through some tough challenges. Ever since Blessed Pope John Paul II died, sexual abuse cases sprung up just like mushrooms. And the incumbent Vicar of Christ carries the burden.

I don’t know with these people. But as a Catholic, as we recite every time during the mass: “I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church” I am obliged to stand by my faith and in my religion.


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