Gay and Lesbians are humans too.

I don’t know what has happened to the world today. People judge too much. I admit I judge people, but God know’s I’m trying my best not to. It all comes with the Church. They said they do not condemn homosexuality. What they condemn is homosexuals to engage in sexual intercourse. But with how Catholics look at homos today, it’s like they’re possessed with demons. It should be the Church who encourages its members to treat everyone equally. It should be them who teaches everyone that God sees us all as perfect as He created us. What the heck is your problem? I’m not gay. But I know people who are homos. And I pity them for being true to themselves. I admire them, because no matter how hard it is for the world to see them like that, they manage to get the strength to continue being who they are. Dad’s homophobic. And I can’t seem to do anything about that. My stand will remain that I do not oppose homosexuals. In fact, I will keep on fighting for their rights. And God will help me. I know He will.


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