Faith in Government, possible?

Image Our Government is under-appreciated by its people. When we are in the time where they have done many things already. Ninoy Aquino said: “Faith in our people, and faith in God.” But there’s something lacking there. It should be: “Faith in our people, faith in God, and faith in our government.” The problem with the informal settlers today is that they blame the government too much of what happened to their lives. It’s their lives, if they pursued their education and somehow find a job, will they be living on riverbanks today? Our government can help us, but only and if only we would help ourselves. It is not their obligation to spoon food us their help. That’s why the Philippines remain so poor, people who elected the government does not even help them when they win. The people’s minds are set to think that whatever happens to their life, is to be blamed to the government. We are lucky they don’t fight us back. We are lucky that many of them are still sincere in serving us. We complain to much about how our country is stuck at this current situation, but we don’t even do anything to help them. The Aquino administration managed to get back the society’s trust by following a clean government. Business investors are eyeing to invest billions of dollars in our country. Since Aquino took office, we never heard a single issue about corruption in him or his cabinet members. Indeed they have a lot to do, and we have to partake in it.

“One does not possess such privilege to criticize their government, when he, does not even help them in the first place.”


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