Manila, once more.


Manila was once called the “Paris of Asia” and the “Queen of the Pacific.” You can see clearly, through the photos of nostalgia. Buildings were neo-classically designed. But as sad it is to say, a few of them survived today. According to Burham’s plan, he stated their an estero plan for the Capital City. He modeled out the City like what he did with Washington D.C. It was an opportunity that the Filipinos those days neglected and failed to supervise due also to the second World War. But after the war, it should’ve been the blueprint in which they used to rebuild Manila again! I mean, look at Manila today. Traffic jam everyday, poor sewage system and old buildings which were fashionably designed before. I don’t know how the Government can spend billions on infrastructure and concreting of roads in Manila, when what they’ve been putting up to is in the wrong plan. Metro Manila Development Authority’s effort to reduce the traffic jam is useless because the City’s master plan is wrong. No one of them didn’t even wondered why there’s so much problems in Manila, when the problem is how the City was built itself. They could have sticked to the Master Plan even after the War. As Burnham was busy dedicating his work to finish a blueprint for Manila, President Quezon on the other hand, decided to imitate what George Washington did. Quezon made another Capital City, in name of himself. Many things were wasted when he did that.

Number one, he wasted money. The Congress had to allocate funds just to build another Capital City, when Burnham already left an opportunity for Manila to prosper.

Number Two, he wasted effort. What Burnham did was he poured out all his effort and creativity to make a Master Plan for Manila, in which was aborted.

*This was the proposed Manila City Capitol, like the U.S. Capitol. But then due to War, it was aborted.


Nothing’s happening to Manila anymore. Even though I keep looking for hope, nothing’s happening. It’s still the same. Not to mention the electrical wires, which is one of the biggest problems in our country. And also the informal settlers. I can’t help comparing Manila to other cities abroad. It breaks my heart knowing that after all these time we could’ve been once the Queen of the Pacific again. Although we cannot deny that huge and tall buildings are now being built around the Metro, still, they should’ve focus first on relocating the informal settlers and make the Cities consisting of the Metro Manila more presentable. It’s like they keep on giving medicine to the part of the body which is not wounded.

*This was Quiapo once. Just imagine what has happened today.  *credits to the blogspot in which i found this*


*See, no electric wires are  disordered. Compared today. *credits to the blogspot in which i have found this*Image

I hope people in our Government notices what’s really wrong with Manila. Because it will never prosper like other cities abroad if in the first place, where it stands is already wrong. Will you still keep coming back to Manila and hope something happens? I will.


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