The truth and nothing but the truth: The State and the Church

THE HOUSE BILL NO. 4244 or more popularly known as the Reproductive Health Bill, is probably one of the most controversial bills filed by lawmakers in the whole Philippine History. The RH Bill will allow the Government to educate the Filipino people about family planning, sex education, the prevention of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and more. Furthermore, it will allow the Government to distribute condoms and other contraceptive pills that will prevent adult individuals from having the accident of unwanted pregnancy. 

THIS IS WHERE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH COMES IN. The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines, clearly opposes the bill, simply because as what they had said: “The main purpose of sexual intercourse is to reproduce and not to have pleasure.” That’s one of the reasons why they object the RH Bill. Contraception prevents the woman from being impregnated, but the thing is, contraception is legal. The Catholic Church is being possessive of the Filipino people. They keep on telling that corruption is the main problem of the country, when it is not. Corruption is one of the major problems of the country. These major problems involve our cultural and religious beliefs. Another is the narrow mindedness of many people. For heaven’s sake, God said “As for you, be fruitful and multiply; Populate the earth abundantly and multiply in it.” But He did not mean that just continue to populate and populate until we finally become over-populated. It is Poverty that kills. The Government is doing its job to fight graft and corruption. What else can the Church ask from the Government? The Government cannot reach out to everyone – that is the truth. We’ve learned to accept that our Government has an incapability when it comes to this.

I watched BBC’s documentary called “Our World: The President and the Pulpit” in which the prospect of the documentary said there: “The Church opposes the RH Bill, but can they help us feed our children? Can they help us send them to school? All of us?”  That is why the Government must control the population. Not everyone can be sent to school, and not everyone can get a job. It is very ironic, that those who do not have the much money, are the ones who has many children.

Supporting the Reproductive Health Bill won’t make you any less Catholic. You are being pro-life. Do not be blinded by your faith. I am not fighting the Church nor anyone. I am stating my opinion. What matters is that I love God, and I love my neighbor. Why is the Church even intervening with the Government these days? The 1987 Constitution states, Article II Declaration of Principles and State Policies, Section Six: “The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.” INVIOLABLE PEOPLE. “Never to be broken, infringed or dishonored.” Isn’t it clear? If the Government wishes to pass such bills, then that is their prerogative already. And for those who kept on saying that the budget should’ve been given to education, well education already has the highest budget every year. Next year it would go up to 300 billion pesos. Be contented first. The education sector is not the only sector that the Government must look upon. We have many, and if all of them would complain at the same time, then nothing would ever happen.

On August 6, 2012, the House of Representatives voted to end the debates of the RH Bill. The Lower House will proceed then to amendments of the bill, then up to the Senate and then up to the President. PNoy himself has shown his support for the RH Bill and not to mention that he also stated it in his State of the Nation Address. I’m hoping that this bill will be passed. I wrote this so that those people, who are stupid enough to think the RH Bill is all about abortion will change their minds. You should try reading the full text of the RH Bill first, to see that no article, or section there is about abortion.  Come to think of it, we’re risking many things because that’s the thing about trying to get solutions to our problems. We risk everything just to know how to solve them. Right now, the country needs to control its growing population for the next generation. RH Bill will educate us, and if it goes against our conservativeness, then we should keep moving forward. We’ll never know, maybe the ones we are afraid of to take, might be the ones to lead us into success.

This is a section of the Reproductive Health Bill.


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