Gone were the days of childhood.

August 17, 2012 -No classes for today. I have decided to go back to where I grew up. It’s been home to me since I was in Kindergarten. No other than Bacoor, Cavite. I left the house at around 10 o’ clock. Riding the jeepney  to Cavite was tiring. Not to mention that the roads seemed like rocky roads there because of the Habagat which struck Cavite the most.

When I arrived there, I felt the cool breeze. There were pedicabs there, but then I decided to walk the whole subdivision instead. I didn’t mind the scorching sun, for it was the memories that filled me. I visited the school I went to before transferring to Paranaque. My classmates there were having classes so I decided to go back later.

I visited all four houses in which my family rented. Surprisingly, I still remember the streets there, and how to get out when you’re lost. I also still know that shortcut, in which you cross an improvised bridge just to get on to the other side. The subdivision was not an exemption to the Habagat. A part of their bridge was destroyed and trees were uprooted too.

I missed that place. Those memories when I was still a kid when dad used to walk me to school, and then he’d pick me up too by the end of the day. Like I said before, I’d like to see a flashback of my childhood. And then my whole childhood was there. When I visited a house that we rented before, I even imagined my siblings and I playing outside during the afternoon, right after we took a nap. During those days, I have no worries at all. I didn’t have any responsibilities too. I should’ve known it won’t last too long.

When it was Christmas time there, people would actually go to the Simbang Gabi every night. Everyone would put up their Christmas decorations too. Nothing could replace that chilly feeling and above all, nothing could replace the memories of how happy we were on that place. We would soon leave that paradise.

It didn’t took me long before I finally said goodbye. It’s just that the place kept on pulling me back, reminding me of the memories and make me not wanting to leave. When I came back to the school, I looked at the classrooms, and saw my third grade classroom. I remembered how I was a kid back then. I don’t know how my parents found that place and raised us their, but one thing is for sure, that it was one of the most ideal places to grow up and live. I will go back their sometime, reminiscing the memories for sure I will never forget.


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