Dream, or the Truth?

“An explosion in the sky, there I saw. Two huge flaming rocks collided that opened up the heavens. And there I was, at St. Paul’s school. Looking up at the sky, asteroids of five I saw. And a cry was heard from the people as the huge flaming rocks fell down to the ground, causing chaos to all. “

I don’t know if I’m a descendant of Nostradamus or what. I dreamt about the end of the world, TWICE. First time, in my dream, I was in my house, and then there was this huge explosion in the sky! It was so huge the force pushed me down to the ground. My family was there too. After the explosion in the sky, we were already packing, in which I forgot where we went after. I woke up after that.

Second time came, I dreamt about the same thing again. But this time, it was far more intense. Okay so I was at school in a usual morning. I looked up in the sky and saw I think five asteroid-like figure. It was going down to us. I can’t remember what I was hearing that time. But then after a few seconds, the asteroids fall down to the school grounds, just meters away from where I was standing. I crawled down to the ground, covering my ears because of the noise. After that I dreamt I was in my house already. But the asteroids never stopped from falling. This time, it was the noisiest above all. It was though a huge, very huge asteroid was gonna fall down because of the noise it made! My ears, and everything in our house was trembling. Last part of my dream was I’m telling one of my siblings to go down to the floor and telling her to cover her ears. After that, I woke up. I don’t know what to feel after I woke up. I feel afraid ofcourse, and I’m worried about sleeping too much these days because it might hunt me down again.

Is this just a dream, or is it the truth?


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