Sen. Tito Sotto: Not once but twice!

Let me first define this word to you:

1. Plagiarism

(n):  The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

Now, going back. Philippine Senator Vicente Sotto III, once again is being accused of plagiarism. He did this the first time when he  stood up in the Senate, doing his turno en contra speech against the controversial Reproductive Health Bill or RH Bill. Sotto, teary eyed while mentioning that his son died at the exact day 37 years ago, pointed out that the use of contraception was the main reason why his son never got to leave the hospital, and unfortunately, died. At first it was acceptable. Everything was fine. But then the night fell, and there was Alfredo R Melgar, a blogger for Filipino Freethinkers that discovered a part of Sotto’s speech was copied from an American Blogger. Now this is how it becomes unacceptable. Days after, the Senator’s staff denied the accusation, but then hours after that, they finally admitted that they indeed copied the speech from the said blog.

But now, it gets worse.


The 3rd part of his turno en contra speech was far worse than ever. From an American blogger, his speech was now originated from no less than former U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy. Only that this time, he translated it into Tagalog, which is the national language of our nation. This is such a shame, that plagiarism was done by using our own language. He even reiterated that he was being bullied on social networking sites, but what he doesn’t realize is that the people aren’t laughing at him because he plagiarized such speeches. The people are laughing at him because until now, he still stands firm on his mistake, even though the public already knows about it.

ABS-CBN News: “University of the Philippines (UP) journalism professor Luis V. Teodoro said translating someone else’s work doesn’t excuse anyone from plagiarism.”

Now this is the real deal. Plagiarism is theft, and the UP Professor even said that plagiarism is a form of dishonesty.

Jim Paredes, on an interview with GMA News told: “See, the problem with the [people against] RH Bill is ano, e… mahina sila sa reasoning, e.

“Malakas sila sa emotion tsaka malakas sila sa dogma, you know.

“And where does dogma come from? It comes from people who just say ‘this is it,’ and they don’t wanna argue with it, di ba?”

See now? Recently, the House of Representatives has formed a Technical Working Group that will discuss the RH Bill. But then the Church declined the offer to join. Why is it like this? The Church is going to meddle with the Government, but when the Government has finally asked them to discuss such matters to them, they will reject? Many people are blinded by their faith. And sometimes, people tend to do such inhumane acts just for them to have a say at a certain issue. Now that’s for sure. With what will happen to the debates about the RH bill in the Senate, I leave it all to the lawmakers. Not to the people of the Church.

P.S. 1987 Constitution exempts religious organizations from paying taxes. But now it seems that the CBCP wants to meddle with the Government, why not remove the exemption to them? 🙂


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