stupidity at its finest

Let me get things straight. The Republic Act no. 10175 or popularly known as the Cyber Crime Prevention Act does not deprive anyone their freedom of speech and expression, as long as they’re not doing anything wrong. The bill actually aims to penalize libel, hacking, cybersex, identity theft and more cyber crimes. It is not stated in the bill that whenever someone would post something that criticizes the government, they would be put into jail. People all over facebook and twitter are over reacting about this critical present issue.

The Supreme Court, acting as the head of the judicial branch of the government, is the one responsible for predicting if the law is constitutional, or unconstitutional. Why are people saying that they can impeach the President and the Senators who voted for the law to be passed, when it is their prerogative to decide if it will be for the better or not.


“Libel: A published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.”

More of the punishable acts here:

Going back, if a person commits libel. he/she shall be imprisoned according to labels:

Prision Mayor – An afflictive penalty with a duration of six (6) years

Reclusion Temporal –

Minimum Period: 12 years and 1 day of imprisonment

Medium  Period:   14 years, 8 months and one day of imprisonment

Maximum Period: 17 years, 4 months and 1 day of imprisonment

See now? There’s no need to worry if you won’t commit libel and other cyber crimes. What is wrong with people over reacting all over social networking sites saying “one day we’ll get notifications saying we’re under arrest.” It upsets me too see how people can easily be fooled of by other bloggers, causing commotion all over the internet making them worry that they might get arrested if they post bad words and stuff. That’s okay. I can say there’s some exaggeration that happened between the government and from the people. 12 years for libel is too much. It may destroy the name of someone, but that’s way too much. Law enforcement agencies will be having a hard time dealing with these crimes.

What is seriously happening to the Philippines? First, the Church and the State is divided, now the State and the Society is divided by this bill. Whatever happens, so help us God.


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