one thing’s for sure: everything changes.

The past months have been quite of a rollercoaster ride. On my way, up and down into this ‘rollercoaster ride’, I have learned many things already. Here are some of them:


1. A single thing, no matter how small it’s value is to you, can mean the whole world to another person. Also, I have learned, that a single thing can completely destroy your plans to impress someone. In other words, a single thing can screw up everything.

2. “A person who chases two rabbit catches neither.” -that saying also applies to human life. You don’t entertain two people. Because if you do, they get hurt in the end. 

3. You don’t give up on people you love. You should never give up okay. It makes them feel worthless. If you really like someone, you wait for her. Even though she likes someone else, you wait for her. Winds of change can take place. 

4. Lastly, no matter what happens, life goes on. You’ll suffer heartbreaks, you’ll suffer losses. But no matter what happens, the world won’t stop for you. It’ll keep on spinning no matter what. And besides, highschool is a fun time. You shouldn’t be so serious about stuff. It’s called puberty stage. Nothing’s permanent. 


And that’s what i’ve learned from the previous months that has passed. Well, besides a little of what I learned in Math.

P.S. Read books! They’re fun. It’s like a television in your head powered by your imagination! :–)


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