Where does his loyalty lie?

“My loyalty to my party ends when my loyalty to my country begins.” – M. Quezon.

The quote above was said by President Quezon when he was elected as President of the Commonwealth Government in 1935. When he assumed office, he quit his party, the Nacionalista Party. But now, it seems the incumbent President, PNoy cannot do the same. And now, the ruling Liberal Party is making a huge mistake, involving suspended Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia. LP is said to have prepared 16 more cases against the so-called ‘political martyr.’ 

Problem here is that, even though the reason for Garcia to be suspended is acceptable, still, the big question here is, why is the Liberal Party so desperate to oust her into office? Is it because of the upcoming 2013 midterm elections? 

Pnoy shouldn’t be meddling with this. Although it’s his job, still, the suspension would be enough to lecture her. It wouldn’t be very reasonable to keep on filing cases against her, just to get her out of office. And in my opinion, Aquino should just quit his position in the Liberal Party, although they helped him win. His loyalty to his party should not prevail over his loyalty to his country, as the oath he took before being the President says: “do justice to every man”. It might seem that the Government is doing something to eradicate the wrong doings of government officials, but the Constitution guarantees the presumption of the accused as innocent until proven guilty. And so must it be applied to everyone. Or else, we’re one step closer to exiting his ‘Daang Matuwid’ and moving on to the rocky road path.


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