11 things to be proud of in being a Paulinian

Photo by Inna Lontok.

Being a Paulinian is more of a privilege, rather than a just a simple name for someone who studies in a Paulinian school. St. Paul Schools offer this different kind of education, which is Christ-centered. But other than that, I can cite the following things to be proud of in being a Paulinian, especially a Paranaque Paulinian:

1. We have the best teachers. Not to brag or anything, but yes we do. Excellent teachers make excellent students. And many of us have this bond with our teachers that we will have for a very long time. Friendly and open to our thoughts or problems too!

2. Our late time is 7:10, beyond the usual 7:00 A.M. For those who always wake up a bit late, the extra ten minutes after 7 A.M. is a blessing. It actually saves our conduct grade because due to some reasons, we may not make it always on time. But hey, don’t take advantage of it because you may not be late, but technically you’re late for the flag ceremony.

3. Friendliest Auxiliary Staff. Kuya Ricky? Kuya James and more? No one can deny that SPCP has the friendliest auxiliary staff. They are indeed very approachable and even serves us with a smile!

4. Unparalleled Facilities. To multimedia, CCTVs, Smart IDs and more. Having these makes learning alot easier and convenient!

5. St. Paul’s Week, Intramurals, and Marian Youth Camp! One word: Fun. I don’t think there’s any reason not to enjoy these activities. They are in fact, the most awaited events here during the school year –especially St. Paul’s Week. Rides and booths, and the jailers. While during the Intramurals, we have lots of sports, and the main event which is the cheerdance and pep competition. Lastly, during the Marian Youth Camp or MYC, Paulinians gather to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and to know more about Mary our Mother.

6. Incomparable and Outstanding SPC Sisters. From Sr. Mary Edwardine Columbano SPC, our directress to Sr. Nora Giron SPC, our principal –no one else can compare. Their eagerness to run the school and to give its students the Paulinian education is matchless. Paranaque Paulinians are being academically competent, as our Vision and Mission states, all thanks to the management of the SPC Sisters.

7. Concerts & Fun Runs! Every year during the St. Paul’s Week, Concerts are held in the school gymnasium. For this year, the Specialization Classes played Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King & I which was watched by many of us. Other bands such as Callalily and Bamboo also held a concert at the school. On the other hand, the Paulinian Run which was held last January 26 aims to raise funds for the new site where SPCP will transfer to. The Fun Run has been done for the past two years!

8. Outreach Programs. Nothing can make us feel more blessed than having an Outreach Program. Accompanied by our CLVE teachers, Paulinians go out to the adopted communities of the school to preach the Word of God to the children, and more activities. These programs forms us to be a true Paulinian that spreads the message of Christ to everyone.

9. Outbound! Other schools may call it fieldtrip. But today, we call it Outbound. Proving that we can’t just learn everything inside a box-shaped classroom, every year we go out to have exciting these experiences or activities that will really challenge ourselves.

10. Not everyone doesn’t get to be educated the Paulinian Way. And being a Paulinian is something to be proud of. The fun, the experiences and everything. Here in SPCP, we form great minds, great moments, and great friends. We are educated the way St. Paul preached before –and that is to follow Christ, and obey Him above all. SPCP have produced successful alumni, and everyone should be proud of that. Be thankful, that even though it’s hard to get the certain amount of tuition fee, your parents still manage to send you to this institution. Indeed, being a Paulinian is something to be proud of, because everywhere we go, Christ is with us.

Hold Up! There’s one more!

11. Himig, Koro et Concertino, Pas des Tous.

SPCP wouldn’t be complete without our choirs Himig Bulilit and Koro et Concertino which is managed by Ms. Losaida Gonzales. The Himig Bulilit has appeared in the Araneta Coliseum, resonating their voices when they sang for a PBA game, and not to mention when they sang in ABS-CBN’s morning show Umagang Kay Ganda! The Koro et Concertino also joins competitions where they successfully bring home awards for the school. Paulinians have been undoubtedly blessed with good voices from God!

Last, but certainly not the least, who could forget to mention Pas des Tous? In a short span of time given, PDT has continued in breaking barriers and achieving what before was only a dream. It has made a name for itself and has given the institution another thing to be proud of.

*Now, please note that I wrote this back in Sophomore year in High School. That was in 2013, and a lot of things mentioned above has changed. But those things, they happened. They made and molded us into who we are. And even if some are gone, it will always remain in each and every one of us. 





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