The unprecedented resignation: Pope Benedict XVI

HAVING BEEN THE SECOND PONTIFF TO DO IT SINCE GREGORY XII IN 1415, Pope Benedict XVI, elected as Bishop of Rome on April 2005, tendered his resignation citing his old age, and the deterioration of his physical strength to fulfill his responsibilities. The Papacy will be vacated on the 28th of February, exactly 8 P.M. and the College of Cardinals is expected to convene by the 1st of March.

The Successor of St. Peter, one of the titles vested upon the Pope, left the whole world with his jaw-dropping announcement in awe, while some in disappointment. Benedict XVI was a known conservative as he fought or opposed same sex marriage, homosexuality, abortion and more.

Church authorities now are preparing for the conclave, the process where the Cardinal electors, 118 of them will convene at the Sistine Chapel and lock themselves there until a new Holy Father is chosen.

Many Filipinos are hopeful that Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle will be chosen, as of today, he is referred to as one of the Papabile or those who are being eyed to succeed Benedict XVI.


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