Good God, thank you!

4TH QUARTER, SCHOOL YEAR 2012 – 2013. All of my subjects had the remarks of “passed”. I was glad ofcourse, despite of my 4th Quarter grade in Mathematics which was 72.93 or what. Anyway, I was glad that all of my efforts became worth it in the end, as all of my grades went up. Suprisingly, my English 3rd Quarter grade was 84, then it soared high to 93! I was kind of expecting it to be only 87 or what, but thank God and my teacher anyway, as well as my groupmates whenever there’s a groupwork. My Biology grade also went up, as Human Anatomy was easier than 3rd Q’s Genetics. For the minor subjects, I was a bit surprised too because I didn’t feel that I gave all that I can. HAHA.

2nd year, or Sophomore year was great. It taught me lessons I will surely carry as I go on with my life. I’m also missing my section, II -Humility. The class schedule, the teachers and ofcourse the school. So yep, 3rd year this June! But I’m afraid I’ll have to cherish first the remaining days of summer before I think of that. That’s all. Bye.


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