The irony, Mr. President. The irony.

15th of April, 2013, Boston, Massachusetts – Imagine this: A marathon, hundreds of people watching, and hundreds are also running. A peaceful day, as what everyone hoped for. As a few participants approached the finish line –an explosion erupts. At first, some people were taken aback by the explosion. After an interval of ten seconds later, another bomb explodes. The two explosions took three lives, counting an 8 year old boy. 140 were injured on the other hand. Image

The map shows the two explosions and the location of the finish line. (

Two to three days later, a cop was shot at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus. Also, one of the suspects have been shot and was killed; the other one is still being searched by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

II. United States President Barack Obama: “Anytime a bomb is used to target civilians, it is an act of terror.” 

When I heard of his speech, it sort of made me laugh a bit. Isn’t it ironic how the world reacted so bad to this incident, when the U.S. itself bombed Middle East countries like Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia, killing atleast a million, and affecting civilians living in those areas? 

When U.S. citizens are the ones being jeopardized, it becomes a worldwide issue. But how about the citizens from the countries aforementioned? 

Hmm, my condolences and prayers go to the families affected by the tragic event. I just hope that the United States think again of what they’re doing to other countries, supporting rebels and ousting their governments. 

Get the irony? :–)


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