Earth Day 2013: Small actions can make a big difference.


22nd of April, 2013 — Today’s a day of thanksgiving and remembrance. This day’s no less than the Earth’s Day. I’m glad that many are participating in the said event, even when they’re just in their homes. They say that to raise awareness, you have to keep on doing what you want everyone to know about. Eventually, it’ll start with a solo, then a duet, then a chorus.

My Earth Day started by planting!! Lately I have expressed my great desire to plant a tree or a plant or what. It’ll take 16 days to germinate & I hope I followed the steps correctly. I also watered our other plants.

I don’t mind too much if my actions are small compared to what others can do. It’s the small things that actually count. Big things came from small things once in their lifetime. So yep, I hope everyone will participate in the Earth Day for the coming years. It’s a day for the Earth, to do something that’ll help Mother Nature. Remember, small actions = big difference. Don’t let the future dry up, participate in the Earth Day.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Dr. SeussThe Lorax


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