Philippine Senate: What was once the House of the Wise

“The Senate has lost its preserved dignity, it has lost the people’s trust, furthermore, it has lost its great solons, who’s rhetoric and oratorical skills have been known to be exemplary. “

The Senate of the Philippines, the Upper Chamber of the country’s law-making body, dates its establishment back from the Commonwealth of the Philippines. After the liberation of Manila up  to the last years of the 1900’s, we have produced great Senators, where their words and works were hailed as immortal, incomparable and contained the trust and approval of the Filipino people. When the 21st century entered, particularly after the EDSA Revolution II, great senators have started to grow old, some have their strength deteriorated, thus, forced them to retire already. The likes of Jovito Salonga, Claro M. Recto, Ninoy Aquino Jr., Teofisto Guingona, and no other than the Philippines’ infamous dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, it was a big regret for me, not having been able to live during their terms as the known lawmakers in our beloved country. These Senators have been known to have preserved the great dignity of the Senate, and thus, preserved the trust of our countrymen to the Senate.

YEAR 2013 — Elections are approaching, and I can say that 2013’s probably the most absurd elections the Philippines has ever had.


I don’t know what has happened too. Some candidates don’t even have the political background yet they dare to run for the Senate post? Nancy Binay? The so-called Nanay de Pamilya? Others, like her, have relied too much on their family names and expects to get elected by it. The elections for the Philippines’ once great Senate, can be compared today like a rooster fight, or in Filipino, “sabong”. It has been like show business, that actors and actresses take advantage of their fame and fortune to win an elective post. They just go and run and spend too much money for campaign purposes. Higher politics is for people who have already a political background. That means to say that they know what it’s like to be a lawmaker, how the law making system goes and so on. You don’t run for any higher position just because you want to help people because we all know you have another agenda. Our televisions have been flooding of commercials promising to reduce the cost of food, gasoline, housing and more. But it doesn’t go like that. It will never be like that, and I’m ashamed for those Filipinos who have votes for idiotic candidates who don’t even deserve a single vote. Some candidates on the other hand are deserving anyhow. Just like Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn. Have you seen Puerto Princesa? Jesus, I hope he wins! If Nancy Binay and Hagedorn loses, I hope God forbids!


Alas, what has happened to our Senate today? It has housed plunderers, plagiarists, trash politicians, transgressors and those who put their own intentions before the people’s. I cannot even imagine how people can keep on voting for them, and I hope they’d stop voting for people like that. Those senators remaining that are legitimately great as of today are Miriam Santiago (she may be a little cranky or what, but yes she is!), Franklin Drilon, Koko Pimentel, Teofisto Guingona III, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos and others, i think. The Senate has lost its preserved dignity, it has lost the people’s trust, furthermore, it has lost its great solons, who’s rhetoric and oratorical skills have been known to be exemplary. 


Now a part of the National Museum, the Senate’s old chamber, with great lawmakers carved at the walls like Moses and others, have been renovated.

Good Lord, help the Senate. May it house people who exude wisdom and the real desire to serve its people.


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