Lessons from my mistakes (P.S. Learn from it I tell you)

  • Contrary to the saying “Some things should be left unsaid”, if those ‘things’ are important, then they should be said. No matter how hurtful the result will be, you have set the truth anyway.
  • Sometimes you miss the moments. The holding of hands, the long walks, late night talks, the flowers you gave, the love notes or what. But sometime later, you’ll end up realizing that you just don’t want it back anymore.
  • Those who let their hatred consume themselves will not triumph. The first hindrance towards the Pursuit of Happiness is hatred, that when removed, then you may proceed.
  • Permanent happiness can never be obtained by the living. Those who live and want to be happy engage themselves in the pursuit of happiness. But that’s the thing about happiness, you can never fully have it. 
  • Waiting is probably one of the hardest things to do in the world. But before giving up, think of the reason why you made it that long.
  • If you’re serious with/about someone, mean it. Be serious about it and don’t fool around. You might just screw up your chances.
  • Chances -don’t go begging or asking people for chances. Make your own chances. Show them that somehow you deserve it.
  • Risks -take loads of it. Some might hurt you, but that’s the thing about taking risks. In the end you find out if it’s worth it or not.
  • This may be the last bullet, but from time to time I’ll update this so that’s it for now bbye.

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