An apology for what? PH says sorry to Taiwan

On Wednesday, the 15th of May, the Philippine Government sent its apologies to the Taiwanese Government in accordance to what happened between local Taiwanese fishermen and the PH’s Coastguard. Reports say that while Taiwanese fishermen were fishing near the PH’s waters, the Coastguard fired shots at the Taiwanese vessel, killing a 65-year-old named Hung Shih-cheng. Days after, the Government of Taiwan condemned the shooting and threatened the Philippines that it will conduct a naval exercise near its marine territory.

Once again, I think I’ll have to state again what the two parties have committed as a mistake.


The fishermen, according to reports, showed provocative actions that seemed to have threatened the PH Coastguards, and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Director Asis Perez said that Taiwanese vessels were already on the PH’s territorial waters when they were spotted by the Philippine Coastguard, hence, caused them to fire at the fishing vessel.


What’s wrong with the PH Gov’t here is that they at first they were correct already. “They fired at the machinery to disable it… if somebody died, they deserve our sympathy but not an apology,” PCG spokesman Commander Armand Balilo told reporters. (via ABSCBN News)

It is because of the threat of Taiwan to conduct naval exercise near our waters and also the freezing order to hire Filipino workers? Why apologize, and fire the people who were just doing their job? Why not take a stand to this critical present issue when at the start of the Aquino administration, it has already focused on our claims in the West Philippine Sea?


Although investigations are still to happen, the stand of the PH government will greatly affect what the means of protecting our territory in the future.





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