Absolve me, dear Father.

I’m a man of mistakes, of fears, and of doubts. Of words and thoughts, of deeds; some good, some bad. I can’t seem to be a peace with my mind, with my heart. Somehow it’s always at war. 

I write this down, to anyone who can read this, if somehow as I go on with my life, I have happened to hurt you, offend you, destroy you or whatsoever, even if I know of it or not, I give to you, dear reader, my sincerest and deepest apologies. 

I beg to you and to the Father, to absolve me from my sins, though you may not possibly forgive me, I hope you can forget me. For I am a person, so immensely confused of what I think and feel, that I no longer can be worthy of such people. 


This is what the night does to people. As the moon shines to its greatest extent, and the stars twinkle unceasingly, so does our thoughts go deeper and deeper, to the point where we go back to things we, for so long thought, we have forgotten already. 


And so this piece concludes, I wish you a good night, a good morning, and a good life. And for you dear reader, i may know you or not, I wish you happiness. Happiness to its greatest scope where all of the scars will heal. 


Farewell, dear reader.


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