College life –2 years from now.

July 18th, 2013 – Juniors and Seniors were divided into what field of profession are they interested to join. Examples are Communication, Technology, Science and the one I chose, Law. I don’t know why I picked this. Maybe out of randomness, or I just find the field interesting. Anyway from 9 A.M. I think, we all went to our respective classrooms. Some friends of mine and I would even joke that we’re like Law students already saying “Uy is this the classroom of the College of Law?” or “What’s taking the prof. so long?” anticipating that in two years time, we’d all experience saying those things.

We had this speaker, Ms. Nina Carandang, alumna of SPCParañaque itself. She’s a 4th year Law student at the Ateneo de Manila University. She took up Economics as her pre-law, citing that it was Ms. Edna Pepito that made her take the course. Ms. Pepito was ofcourse in the room and watched her speak for a few minutes.

While she was discussing I wasn’t really paying that much attention (i’m sorry) because what was on my mind was that, “Look Deips, in two years time, you’re going to College.” I was imagining myself maybe four or seven years from now, going back to the school but already in its new site and then I was going to be the one to discuss that Career Talk.

“Deips, ano course mo? Ano school mo?” (Deips, what’s your course? What school?) My friends, some of them would take up Architecture or Engineering or Business Management. I can’t seem to answer the question. It was somehow hard for me because I really want to take up so many courses. I’d love to take Philosophy in UST but I don’t know okay. I’d probably go for Legal Management as my pre-law course. My sister’s taking the course too, and based on what she’s learning, they’re already studying cases and things lawyers do. Things that interests me the most. I imagined myself as a lawyer already. Maybe I’d wear that suit and tie, probably looking awesome and witty. Then the court room, the goosebumps, that addictive feeling of arguing, reasoning and proving things. Aaah.

Second question was what school? It’s either San Beda College in Mendiola, known for its great law background and for its great alumni lawyers (Justice sec. De Lima, etc.), or I could choose to take Legal Management at the University of Santo Tomas. The Pontifical and Royal Catholic University. I don’t know why but I think it’s also fun to be a Thomasian, or a Bedan. God help me decide please.


Finally, what really bothers me is that talking about the future interests me, and at the same time, scares me. Just imagine that by next year, we’re finally Seniors. We’d go busy over completing requirements, taking entrance tests, review centers and at the same time, balancing not to get bad grades, or worse, bad conduct grade. And then March will arrive. The ‘farewell month’. The final examinations, graduation practices –and finally, the graduation ceremony itself. Plus the graduation ball after. And then after that, what now? We’ve finished high school by that time, carrying nothing but what we’ve learned and our friends and experiences. We’re going to be separated with our HS friends, then meet a new set of people. The ‘college peers’. And then maybe one day while we’re out having our 2-3 hour break, we’d bump into each other and say “Uy si ano! Kamusta na?” and then we’d remember high school. The hallowed halls, the classrooms, the canteen or whatsoever.

Do you see how much I hate talking about the future that it’s taken me into a different level of imagination. Right now I’m going to stop. Maybe when my batchmates’ and I finally graduate (hopefully), I’d go back to this and read it all again or what.


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