6 Types Of People You Should Never Take Relationship Advice From

Thought Catalog

1. People Who Are Angry or Bitter

You don’t have to look hard to find dating advice being offered by people who have either unwillfully not been in a relationship in a very long time or who just had a bad breakup.

Their tips are more like complaints and involve a lot of warnings about the “game” or the “scene” or dating culture as a whole. In the case of men offering this kind of advice, it usually comes off as woman-hating and involves a lot of bitching about how women only go for assholes and douchebags.

When it’s women offering the advice, it’s a whole of lot of “how to avoid dating a jerk.” Either way, these people are way too cynical to be advising anyone and should just stick to angrily yelling at couples as they walk by in the park until they’re ready to rejoin the rest…

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