The Heroes @ Luneta

TODAY, as the crowd goes heroic at the Grandstand of Luneta, I join them, maybe not in person (as in physically present), but ofcourse in spirit. 

The Million People March that protests against the misuse of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), has reached tens of thousands currently at the Grandstand right now. Those thousands, together with the ones participating through social media, I believe, has made history. Ofcourse not the ones that would be written on history books but the ones that would be remembered. A protest, no matter how small or big it is, has its sole purpose: to show that the people should not be afraid of their governments; that governments should be afraid of their people. To awaken the spirits of those who, until now, have not given a single damn to whatever is happening to the Motherland. 

Billions of pesos are allocated to the Pork Barrel –those billions are paid by taxes of our countrymen, justly paying their contribute to the government. Those billions, sadly, have reached not the benefit of the common good, but the benefit of the few ones who selfishly put their own intentions before the people’s. 

To the honorable President, you need not to listen to the voices of your people. You need only to listen to the voice of your own conscience, to see, that after the billions and billions of allocated funds, still, millions and millions of your countrymen are still in deep poverty. While the low and the middle class are busy working for their families, paying their taxes, the elected people had been bathing in their own money, lavishly spending it on nonsense things. 

The spirit of the Filipino is present at the hearts and minds of those who participated at the Million People March today. But after this historic March, the spirit should not waver. The fight for transparency, for justice, should go on. Our only hope these days, are the men and women, still working with sincerity in the government. After all, the people at the protest would not be the ones prosecuting the accused. To my surprise, some government officials were at the Grandstand. The same people who had been receiving the PDAF, who did not do anything to abolish it, who only supported its abolition after it has reached the mainstream, are now washing away their guilt by joining the March. (Hugas kamay?)

I only hope, I do hope, that this will really reach an outcome where the people can finally say they received justice, and won the battle for transparency. Punish the plunderers, the aggressors, those who decided to stay quiet amidst the continuous fight to abolish the PDAF, even if they know something about it. Because to stay neutral when oppression or abuse comes, is to choose to stay at the side of the oppressor. And to let God do the punishing when we are here on earth at present is foolish, for we have laws upon which our founding fathers built this great nation. And if we have laws, supported and followed by the people, we are henceforth oblige to follow it. 

To  conclude, I say, scrap the crappy Pork Barrel system. 

“Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.” 
― John Steinbeck


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