It’s still a mystery, how a year with it’s dozen of months, can change a person, a family, a nation.

Where do we even begin to start the year? Ofcourse there’s the anticipation, the sense of excitement, fear, anxiety but most of all –there’s new hope. The Great Hope of which we all cling to at the times when everything around us is in doubt and yet we still look for reasons to keep on holding. The year that just arrived, welcomed with the skies filled with the bright lights, ushers us to a become a better person that we are in the year that just left.

Then there’s moments to reminisce, and people to commend for having those moments. There is your family, who had been ever-patient with you, dealing with a 21st century teenager. There are your friends, who were there for shoulders to cry on, to make you laugh so hard you’ll find breathing a difficult thing. And then there’s God and needless to say, He has really given us great years.

What a year 2013 has been. We all, at some point, had our hearts broken. Some of us even more than the usual. Some had triumphed, others have lost. People have departed, separated into their own ways. Some of us had actually proved what they’re really trying to do so, while some, are still in the process of doing so. Or maybe at this point, they might still be thinking of doing it. I guess that’s the thing about Years; we may set a stockpile of resolutions, mantras, motto or whatsoever, but in the end things do really depend on us –whether we leave it like how it is, or we change it the way we want to. Sometimes to fail in changing things and to accept that it’ll be that way.

People made it through earthquakes and typhoons and endured pain all the way. And that’s really commendable. Being strong in times of adversity does not only reveal true character but builds it. Yet the year brings in another set of events of which we shall triumph over what we win, or mourn for whatever we lose.

To whatever 2014 shall bring, I hope ya’ll be granted the strength, and let your faith sustain you.

Today is the 1st day out of the 365. You have that number of days to change yourself, your family, your nation for the better. Go forth.

“We too have paddled in the stream
From morning sun to night
But the seas between us broad have roared
From auld lang syne “


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