Indios, We Remain the Indios

Centuries have passed
Since Mother Spain has left
Las Islas Filipinas
And yet –at some point
Indios, we remain the Indios!

And how can we say
That Indios we remain today?
It is reflected on how we put people
In the Chambers of Senado and Kamara
And no other than, in the Palace of Malacañan

Indios, we remain the Indios
For many of the futures of our Great Nation
Has thought of nothing
But of infatuation, of vices
Have they thought of education?
Why, such a waste for this people to remain the Indios!

The common Filipino
Should not consider himself the Indio
If, be it big or little, he helps his Motherland
To prosper, to grow, to triumph
If he does not do anyone wrong
More than that, he gives love to his dear countrymen

On the other part
A Filipino remains an Indio
If he has done nothing but to degrade the Nation
When he plunders the money of the common Filipino
If he chooses to dwell into ignorance and apathy
And chooses not to learn and to sink in to idiocy.

And so dear reader
Prove to me and to the World
That you do not remain, the pitiful Indio
Get up and help the Nation
Leave thy selfish ways and do what you can
Not only so you may have a say
Alas, my dear Filipinos, do we indeed, remain the Indios?


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