Past few weeks had been devastating and sort of great too.

  • Speech Choir: I joined not because of the exemption in the performance task in English but because I don’t want to graduate High School without joining in any speech choir competitions. Haha, when I was asked to join by my English teacher, I said yes quickly and unreservedly. But all the practice tires me out, but somehow I know the hard work will pay off.
  • Tutor: I don’t know if many people know about it already but yup, i got a tutor in Math because ((just check my previous post)). I actually feel a little shamed about it; makes me feel really weak and vulnerable but I remember that it’s not bad to seek the help you really need. Especially Junior year, where as they say, is very crucial because universities will look on them more.
  • PL: I was so glad Ms. Ubas made me an admin of The Paulinian Link’s facebook page! Can update photos and other information of some sort. I’ve been targeting this really for a long time. I hope we get a twitter account soon since sadly, the School’s twitter account’s not really that updated and only posts suspension of classes. And i think that’s where PL should come in, since it’s the news organization of the school and we’re mandated to disseminate information. Haha okay i’ve said too much.



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