What a writer needs

They say a man who has felt the hunger can be the only one who can understand the hungry.

Same goes for those who have been given the ability to portray messages through the power of the paper and the pen. Just as the sword needs sharpening, so does the writer with experience.

Above all, a writer needs a heartbreak. If possible, heartbreaks. One needs to know the darkness to be able to describe how it feels like being in the dark, worse, what it feels like being the darkness itself. A battle against one’s self, a challenge to conquer the demon that lives within.

It is the job of a writer –to explore new heights, articulate such thoughts, and tell the story. Whether it is good or bad, to a writer, it’s something to write about; it’s something to tell.

A writer needs to feel things, gets his heart broken, conquer himself because at the end of the day, the writer will need to have the nail pounded by the hammer to himself. It is, after all, for his betterment. It is, after all, for the story he tells.


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