Pounding us for the better?

THE ACADEMIC YEAR started a good one -and this can be attested by many. It wasn’t just because of the new vendo machines, or the additional electric fans in the gymnasium but mainly because of the schedule that which made everyone thankful that SPCP would dismiss its students at 3:10 P.M. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (for the lower batches). On the other hand, classes were to end at 4:00 P.M. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (for Seniors). 

First week and effects of the easygoing schedule showed off. Students, upon leaving the campus, would always get stranded. Apparently, the dismissal time of the High School department coincided with the Grade School and Pre-School students. 

And so, two weeks after the year began, a new schedule for the High School department was implemented –On Mondays, they are set to be dismissed at 3:45. On Tuesdays, at 4:15, On Wednesdays, we get 1 hour per subject and dismissal at 4:00, On Thursdays, 3:45 then on Fridays, 1 hour per subject again, dismissal at 3:55 for the lower batches, then 4:55 for the Seniors. 

At first, an outcry was heard. How were we to survive the long and tiring schedule? Moreover, that the Seniors were to leave at 4:55 every Friday for their Community Development and at that time, not much jeepneys would pass at La Huerta. 

I myself had to admit that the first schedule was better; for at that time, I only thought of the things I could do with the early dismissals. I could have a lot of time to meet with my Editors, or Photojournalists or bond with my friends. But weeks later I started to realize the point of the institution. That they had changed the schedule due to the traffic scenario when leaving the campus, and also to allot for time for our subjects.

Although many would disagree, I like the thought of having many things to study. It shows that the institution is trying their best to provide quality education. I reckon my sister telling me one time that during their time in SPCP, they even used to have double Mathematics period. Somehow, I don’t think I can survive with that. But they did, so that means I could have.

This process of pounding the nail even harder, is, I believe for the better.  I have reminded myself that this is High School, not elementary anymore and that sooner or later when I step into college, a 4 P.M. dismissal is even an early one. That if I want it best, I have to strive to make it best. I have reminded myself to endure, endure and endure all the way, for my parents and I have agreed to put our trust in the institution of which I am now, and that we trust them to fulfill their vision and mission of producing academically competent graduates.

I have only the remaining 8 months to make all of this worthwhile. So I might as well savor the moment; every second of it. Because once I’m out, I will only have myself indebted to SPCP for pounding not only me, but us for the better. 



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