The Story of Creation

The tale takes place in an institution adjacent to the Bishopric, the Town hall, the local market, and the fire station. This story of Creation does not take place in the Garden of Eden nor is it guarded by the Angels but rather in a cradle of excellence, where discipline is strongly regarded and observed —as it is ran by no less than a group of nuns who first anchored their boat in the shores of the country 110 years ago, shedding light to where their Creator brings them.

A woman who has been named as a school legend who taught the study of living things tells the story to her students. And it starts with a project.

“Create an illustration of your own paradise; an imagination of what heaven looks like to you. Exert the greatest effort you can put into this work, not only for the points but also that I may see your perspective.” she said.

And so weeks passed, and the time to work on it ends. The students were ready to submit on that day and settled for no less than the best they could have done yet with their work. They used water colors, pastels, acrylic paint, a bit of imagination equipped with their determination.

“What’s taking her so long?” asked someone as the whole class sat quietly waiting for their teacher who had been late for more than ten minutes now. They were nervous for she was known as an educator with high standards when accepting school works.

Then suddenly she enters the room with an atmosphere of anger; of rage and irritability. Setting aside what she was feeling, she greets the class, leads them into prayer then asks them to sit down.

“All projects in my table. Now. Any person whose work is unfinished will not be accepted.” she said.

And so the students, with each having butterflies in their stomach, formed a line and one by one placed their projects on her table.

Of what seems to be unexpected of a teacher was witnessed by her students. She burst in anger and ripped her students’ work, threw it to the ground and stepped on it.

The class had been taken aback. Never in their years of studying, had they witnessed such event, such anger, and such efforts put to waste.

Seeing her students’ reactions of shock, bewilderment, anger and disbelief, she walks out of the class room. Outside, she breathes in, straightens her blouse and fixes her hair. Then goes back to the room where the class who had been whispering to each other and trying to pick up their projects,  quickly goes back to there places. The silence was so deafening, and the only thing that can be heard was her footsteps.

Unexpectedly, she smiles. Laughs a bit and says:

“Do you know now what it feels like having your creation destroyed by people? That is what He feels when you do it unto His works.”

And then, that was her Story of Creation.


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