The great expectation

It sucks –having to be the person who’s main task is to be always objective. I’ve no time for emotional breakdowns, nor even cross the thought of having one. I’m expected to be the stronger person; someone who’s supposed to get the job done. And when they say ‘to get the job done,’ it means get it right and great. That’s the great expectation for a person who works beyond the hours, sacrifices sleep and endures so much.

Endurance. I have endured so much and I’ve reached the point where I’m to face more than I’ve faced. Each day, I had to battle anxiety, carry workloads, and deal with attitudes of people I work with.

But that’s okay. Having work assures me of my worth to people. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, not to mention that I love challenges.

Just always be objective. Always. 


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