Honestly, I can’t believe how I survived the year. 

I’ve endured so much and worked my ass off so much in 2014. The year, I can say without any hesitation, was such a tough one. There were heartbreaks, failures, breakdowns –all of which I will look back this 2015 with pride, for I made it through the year.

Yet unlike so many others, I loved 2014. It was the year where I assumed office as Editor-in-Chief, and where the changes my colleagues and I once envisioned, came into a reality. I thank my mentors and teachers, for believing in me to lead the student publication and for all the support they have given to me.

It was the year where I had more opportunities of speaking in public and I swear, I loved and enjoyed every moment of it. Feeling a bit sentimental though, for my batch mates and I are about to leave the institution in three months’ time.

I’d like to thank God and the Universe for all the people who have been a part of the year. Yes, both the positive and negative people. I am not the Deips that I am today without them. To my greatest friends who’s love and care have made me kept going, maraming salamat. To my family as well. We might have a lot of misunderstandings, but I guess family will always be family.

I learned to be more compassionate towards other people this year also. I didn’t enjoy Community Extension Services before, but now I found myself volunteering for it. Pope Francis has been such an inspiration for me this year. The Holy Father’s humble works of mercy and compassion inspired me to give my selfless service to people in need.

Beyond all, I’m thankful for a person named Lovely Marian. Every time I go to bed or go to Mass, I thank the Heavens for her. I thank God for sending me to her life, and for sending her to mine. I don’t mind the times I would go home late or whatsoever; time with her’s just never really wasted. Never at all. That’s how much she’s deserving of time, effort, and most of all, the love.

Here’s to a great 2015! I don’t know why but there’s something with 2015 that excites me. To whatever the year brings to us, I hope God strengthens you and your faith in Him.


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