Questioning legacies.

It’s something people remember of us even when we’ve already left, be it good or bad. It’s a part of us, of our being and of our soul which we leave intentionally or unintentionally to people. This is called our legacy.

These past few months, I’ve questioned the things I’ve done for people before. I have asked myself if the legacy I left is and continues to be a burning one. For what I’ve built, I saw that it was no more. And the fiery flames of the once strongly burning passion, I saw that it had flickered.

In the Latin phrase, mea culpa. This is all my fault. From where I came from, I had high praises, but for myself, I had none. I say to myself, that maybe I just really didn’t do my best to ensure that what we’ve established, will have its continuity.

This is where my being questions some of the things I did in the past. The being questions the self, if indeed what the self has done is a real legacy, or just mere impressions to people. The self knows its limits; yet at the same time, it knows its capabilities. It knows what it cannot do, and what it can. It knows that it could have done better, and in doing so, it could have made it in the long run and built continuity. But the self, as it seems in the present, has failed in doing so.

Perhaps in the future, if the Divine Providence grants my being another opportunity to create a better and long lasting legacy, I will not fail. Perhaps in the future, I will be enough to establish a sustaining effort for people to continue what I entrust to them.

I have deeply analyzed the situation, and came up with the conclusion that if I did my actual best, I would not be the prisoner of these chains which I call regret that bind me. This is after all, my fault and my shortcoming. Blaming it in the current would be unfair, for I had the opportunity to inspire them to continue, but I didn’t do what is not enough, but what is required.

I have hopes that someday, someone out there will become like my being and will possess the right amount of courage, strength and determination not only to carry on, but also to extend beyond the mile —to do more than what he is entailed of, and to inspire a new generation to succeed him.

Photo by Mr. Eric Ocampo


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