WORTH THE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. (Photo via Facebook page of CMMA)

Above all, I’m glad that I made the most out of every moment with those whom I started the Publication Year as friends, and ended it with them as family.

I remember every moment my co-Linkers and I spent in Room 207, a classroom-sized Publication Office at the 2nd floor of the Mere Marie Michau building during the last weeks of the Academic Year trying to finish PL’s third issue and its newly-conceptualized Legacy magazine.

The Publication Office had a long table and two benches at the center where the editorial board of the paper sat and met, young, idealistic and hopeful of what the outputs and their future would look like. In the center of the long table sat a young boy unaware of what fate holds for the issues he and his team would work so hard for. The meetings, usually lasting to more than an hour, felt and seemed like ministerial cabinet meetings with the editor-in-chief sitting in the center and presiding over the objectives.

The Pub had 30 brown armchairs, 15 on the right side and another 15 on the left. The members, some of them at present have left the institution, while some have ascended to become part of the editorial board, listened to the meetings and at the same time worried about meeting deadlines.

On Thursdays and on special days, lights at the Pub would be out by 5:00 P.M., beyond the usual time any student organization aside from Pas des Tous and Himig would stay. And when the team gets home, work continues online.

I remember every detail we spent brainstorming the content of the 60-page magazine. I remember some of the tears that young boy shed worrying that the issues might not come out in time, every leg work (literally) going up to the gymnasium or to the grounds just to get the right angles for the photos and stories.

I remember most of all, the friendship, laughter, stories and aspirations shared with those who’ve passionately worked hard not just to accomplish the task, but to accomplish it outstandingly.

I remember how it was all about leadership and writing skills combined, and how every bit of my being loved it all. I remember how I’ve thought of it as tantamount to that of the Avatar, and how PL and I grew together as we traversed the challenging year.

Above all, I’m glad that I made the most out of every moment with those whom I started the Publication Year as friends, and ended it with them as family.

We are in different universities and colleges, but for once, I want to thank you again batch 2015 Linkers, for a job well done.

Congratulations to Legacy, The Paulinian Link’s official supplement magazine for being this year’s Best Student Organ for High School Category at the 37th Catholic Mass Media Awards. 


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